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The story

When it comes to events where winners are announced and awards are handed out, we like to step outside the box. Knowing this, the organizers of the OOH Awards (LijnCom, Clear Channel & JCDecaux) contacted us!

Our goal was to come up with creative ways of revealing the winners of a competition, focused on advertising agencies and the unique campaigns they worked out for Out Of Home media. These guys have seen it al so creative thinking was key.

Over several editions of the OOH Awards, we used live animations and custom-made videos to announce both the nominees and the eventual winner (3 separate concepts for 3 separate categories per event). How about custom-made retro dance act where the props revealed the winning agency? Or a music video (filmed on a tram) with a rap song incorporating the contenders? Give us a call if you want to see more of these realizations!

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