Notary Congress


Wisenose contributions

Name & logo
Graphic design
Publication congressbook
Promotional articles
Event website
Registration proces
Payments and invoicing
Communication strategy
Promotional roadshow
Media planning
Stage set-up
Technical direction presentations
On-site communcation

The story

Fednot organizes a congress for all Belgian notaries (and notaries-in-training) every two years. When East-Flanders was chosen as the location, Wisenose was commissioned to handle the entire communication campaign. Our main goals were to raise the number of attendees and promote the theme of the congress (focused on alternative ways of living).

Our campaign kicked off 2 years before the event, with a teasing movie shown during the previous congress. With 10 months to go, we launched an extensive eventwebsite with information on speakers, pricing, various programs, practical details, … and automated registration tool, including payment options. Our communication strategy included targeted ads and promotional articles in targeted print media, online communication, official invitation, …

The result: a record-breaking number of people attending the congress and its numerous side programs! They all saw our (technical) scenario for the presentations come to life in the special stage set-up we designed, related to the theme and types of presentations. Going for an ‘infotainment’ point of view for the 2-day plenary sessions, we made sure the speakers’ presentations were combined with light-hearted intermissions.

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