10 year celebration

10 year celebration


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The story

Recupel is a Belgian non-profit association that is responsible for organizing the collection and processing of discarded electr(on)ic appliances and light bulbs.

An ideal subject for Wisenose to create a concept that was carried throughout the VIP event, which celebrated Recupel’s 10thanniversary with many dignitaries, stakeholders, … in attendance. The eye-catching invitation consisted of a tote bag (created out of 100% recycled PET-bottles), which held our slogan ‘The Art of Recycling’. Every guest was asked to bring this bag, filled with an appliance that was ready for recycling (not knowing why). This proved to be a huge success and with various parts of the appliances that were brought, we had 2 artists create an art piece live during the event.

The perfect example of how a communication concept leads to a winning event concept (and vice versa).

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10 year celebration
10 year celebration
10 year celebration