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The story

Van Laere Bouwondernemingen organizes a Sinterklaasevent every year for their staff and families. The children, if 10 years or younger, get to choose the gift they want, from various options, that Sinterklaas then personally brings to them during the event. A great time for everyone but time-consuming administrative work for our client.

Wisenose helped Van Laere with an event website, detailing all the information and the ‘Sintenboek’ with an overview of the presents to choose from. An automated registration module allowed employees to register their partner, children and ages of their children. Automatically, for kids with certain ages, the option to enter the giftcode appeared. An automated confirmation mail was sent to every guest. Thanks to the back-office system, in just a couple of clicks we were able to access statistics, make quick changes, …

With a festive graphic style, combining Van Laere branding and the theme of the event, we helped our client save lots of time while elevating their communication for the event. Talk about a win-win situation!

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